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My name is Wallace Rodrigues Johnson. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It was only within the past three years that I have recognized my passion in the subject of International Law. I have always had an interest in almost anything the world has to offer, obsessed with understanding the way the world works, and why it works that way. By studying and exploring a diverse variety of interests, I found that my true interest lies in understanding and exploring the relationship between nations and states, which has led to my passion in International Law.

My first contact with Law it was in United States. I am graduated in Administration of Justice from Arizona Western College, and also have a bachelor’s degree of Law from University of Cesusc, Brazil. And now, I am a student of International Law in the Graduate Institute of Geneva.

With the willing to pursue the dream of working in an international organization, I did an internship in the Organization of American States in Washington DC and also in the United Nations in Geneva. In this moment, I am working as the assistant of the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta.