Sofia Galeotti

Head Delegate

Born and raised in Italy, I attended the French School of Turin, where  I had the chance to grow up alongside people from all around the world. This experience has allowed me to acquire a double cultural background, which has widely influenced me in the deep interest for the actuality and for the action of the UN and other diplomatic organizations. Obtained the high school diploma, I decided to come to Geneva in order to pursue a bachelor degree in International Relations. I have participated to diverse GIMUN projects starting from my first year of University and, for instance, I attended, as a delegate, the GIMUN Delegation during the academic year 2015-2016. On the basis of this experience, I realized how interesting it would be to join once again such project from a different perspective as Head Delegate. As a consequence, I am looking forward to contributing to the work of this NGO, promoting Gimun’s ideals.