Pauline Legrand

Secretary General

Hello there GIMUNers!

Welcome to GIMUN 2018!

My name is Pauline, I’m 20 years old and I come from a really tiny village in France, not far from the Swiss boarder. I am currently studying International Relations at the University of Geneva, just like Emma, my co-secretary general. Actually I wanted to study international relations in Geneva, because I have always been interested in international politics, organisations, history, languages and world news, and there is no better place than Geneva to study IR! But more importantly, I came to Geneva, to fulfil my biggest dream, which is, working at the United Nations and becoming a diplomat!

Moreover, I stepped in the MUN world in 2014, when I participated in my first MUN conference in Falun, in Sweden. And this conference awoken this huge love that I have for Model United Nations Conferences, and since then I have participated in multiple conferences, whether it was at the high school level with Simul’ONU, or at the university level with GIMUN or OxiMUN. But my best MUN experiences will remain the ones that I had the chance to live with GIMUN, whether as a delegate or an ambassador !

Indeed, it’s now my third year here in Geneva, and it has been three years now that I got engaged in this wonderful organisation that is GIMUN! GIMUN allowed me to participate to different kind of events, each more wonderful than the other, and more importantly this association and organisation has brought me so much: an insight of the UN and the international environment, a knowledge of international politics, and friends!

One funny thing about me – and you will probably notice it during the Annual conference – I am a huge fan of the United Kingdom and everything that is related to it, and you will probably hear it from my accent !