Pascal Hagmann – Ingeneer at EPFL and Director of Oceaneye

Oceans, an endangered and neglected source of life

Pascal Hagmann – Ingeneer at EPFL and Director of Oceaneye

Pascal Hagmann is currently engineer in charge of various projects at EPFL, where he received a mechanical engineering degree. Meanwhile, Pascal Hagmann is very committed to the defense of the marine environment in Oceaneye, association of which he is a founding member and a Project Director since 2010. In addition, he is Vice Chairman of the Swiss Laser Association since 2007.

Oceaneye is a non-profit organization, based in Geneva and working with the Pacific Foundation through several common projects, including “the Ocean Mapping Expedition.”

Oceaneye was founded in 2010 by a group of people who aim to:

– Participate in the collective awareness of water pollution by plastic, its causes and effects.
– Contribute, actively and with a scientific approach, to the study and analysis of ocean pollution on the ground.

These two axes are the basis for their action to raise awarness about a new issue, since it is the direct result of a recent society issue: the plastic consumption. The effects of this problem are not yet quantified. The purpose of this association is primarily to identify these effects in order to limit their damages.