USG for Cultural Events

I was born and grew up in Spain. I moved to Geneva three years ago to start my Bachelor in Intercultural Communication, which I successfully finished in June and I will now start a Master’s degree in Specialized Translation. I have always been interested in international affairs and, therefore, I applied to be USG for the 2016 Annual Conference and I had the chance to become part of the staff as a member of the logistics team. Also, I got involved on the GIMUN online blog “UNO, you know”, for which I had the honour of writing some articles and share my ideas and opinions. These were the greatest experiences, both very enriching. As a result, my motivation and the feeling of compromise with GIMUN have grown and hence, I am glad to part of the GIMUN team again this year as USG for Cultural Events. I am looking forward to organizing the Annual Conference 2017 and making the best experience out of it.