I was born in Egypt and have been lucky enough to live in several countries which helped me acquire an open mind, and understand many different cultures. I  believe that it was a real chance to discover the world on my own, and try to understand more or less how it functions. This has helped me develop a real passion for politics and more precisely International Relations, this is why I decided to pursue my studies at University of Geneva.
I have been involved in several MUN conferences which have made me more familiar with the political environment, and since then, I knew that I wanted to go further into MUN projects. As soon as I came to Geneva, I participated in the GIMUN activities, from MUN delegation, to the Annual Conference, to being the financial manager of the Study Trip. My love for MUN and especially GIMUN grows day by day. Today I have the honor to be the co-secretary general. I am really looking forward to share this wonderful experience with all of you.