USG for Cultural Events

Dear MUN-ers, my name is Yann Schmuki, and I am a second year Bachelor student in International Relations at the University of Geneva. I was born in Zurich and I live in Geneva since 2015. Having been fascinated by history and other cultures since I can remember, international affairs cast a spell over me in the last years, mainly after an exchange year in Russia in 2011. I’m convinced that the first step to international cooperation and peacekeeping leads over the understanding of the other. MUN forces us to exactly do that: Try to put yourself in the position of a negotiator coming from a completely different cultural and political background. Furthermore, I think that an engagement for GIMUN is a great opportunity to gain experience in an international environment. Therefore, I’m keen to contribute to the organization of the Annual Conference as USG for Cultural Events in order to give other young politically interested people a platform for discussion and exchange. I hope were going to have a great and exciting time.