USG for Press

I was born and raised in Egypt and have spent my whole life in my country. Even though I was limited to my surroundings, I did not let it stop me in discovering the world around me. When asked how I would describe myself, my answer would always be “a curious and eclectic” human being. The reason I always chose these two terms is the fact that my biggest passion is to learn and I felt that both of these qualities helped me follow my passion. I have always loved to involve myself in different matters around me and every day I would learn something new, have a new experience and get introduced to a different field.  My will to learn about everything I ever encountered in life lead me to study the media. To be more specific, I chose to study Digital media and communications in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world: London. The reason I chose to study digital media is the fact that we all nowadays live in a digital era where we are introduced to new information every day at a fast pace. This exhilarating world knows no limitations when it comes to new information and topics. This is why I am so in love with what I’m studying, because I refuse to have any limitations in my life. This is also the reason I applied to GIMUN’s Press and media position; it is a position that both combines my love for the media and MUN. I have always admired the MUN organisation; it has been embedded in my interests since high school. Granted I have only participated in one conference in my life; however, I feel like covering it from the media’s perspective will allow me to understand every aspect in the conference. The GIMUN AC is one of the biggest and most important in the world as it connects hundreds of people from around the world and brings them together at the United Nations headquarters itself, which makes it very unique. I am very much looking forward to working with GIMUN and promoting all the amazing aspects of the AC. Hopefully this conference will be the best that has yet to come.