Finance Director

My hometown of Lausanne, despite its relatively small size, was a very multi-cultural environment to grow up in. It is 30 minutes away from France by boat and hosts number of international organisations. This background has made it very easy to cultivate great interest in what happened across the globe.

I am currently in the second year of my Bachelor’s in political economy. I think it is increasingly important to have an economic perspective in a corner of one’s head to understand the evolution of political thinking and international relationships and it is as such, a tool to achieve a deeper comprehension of the world, that this discipline fascinates me.

My involvement with GIMUN allows me to get a more political perspective, compared to what my pretty generalist Bachelor’s program offers, which is a little too business-oriented for my liking but the business-oriented classes, such as accountability or organisational behaviour, are proving tremendously useful in this role of finance director.