USG for Human Resources

Being born in Northern Germany to a family with a multicultural background, the topics of diversity, international affairs and globalization have always been core issues in Jenny’s life. She is a final year medical student and is equally dedicated to science as well as to youth empowerment. Through her voluntary work in student exchange programs, refugee supporting projects and international biomedical conferences, she was able to experience the eminent richness of innovative solutions people with highly diverse backgrounds can create, once, they are offered the opportunity to merge their expertise. After entering the MUN world, the vibrant spirit of diplomacy and inclusive thinking that is appreciably growing in our generation has truly inspired her to continue the exciting path of connecting dedicated students from all over the world.

Therefore, she is thrilled to assume the challenging office as a USG in Human Resources. Jenny is looking very much forward to meeting you and to jointly make the 20th edition of GIMUN an extraordinary experience.