Jaqueline Galan

Born in Guatemala City, Central America. I studied International Relations in Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala City. A few monts after graduating from university, I begun working in the Embassy of Morocco in Guatemala, as the Ambassador’s assistent. I’m currently pursuing a Masters degree in Political Sciences with orientation in Globalization in the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. I am animated in my aspirations by the fact that international studies and diplomatic practice are a family tradition. Many members of my family have a rich and broad trajectory in these areas. For love and fidelity to this tradition, I hope, in my turn, to enrich my self in these areas by the greatest door, the United Nations. My goal is to represent my country in the UN or in a International Organisation to make my country’s voice matter.


My favorites activities are to read, to travel and to do sports. What I found incredible of traveling is that wherever you go you learn about different cultures, different minds, different languages but in the end we are all one. We share values, costumes, ways of thinking and social/ political issues.