Geneva is my hometown – the city where I was born and where I grew up. Having finished my Master’s in specialized translation – English and Italian – at the University of Geneva at the end of the summer 2015, I decided to keep on studying by doing another licence in Russian. My studies allowed me to be immersed in the Scottish and Italian languages and cultures by living in these countries for a semester each. My great interest for other cultures developed at the young age of 16 when I went to Malaysia to live for a year in a host family, and later at 19 when I travelled for six months on the other side of the world. I first participated in GIMUN’s 2014 Annual Conference as a translator and I got so much into it that I became USG Press the year after, and USG for Human Resources during the 2016 AC. Wishing to get even more involved into GIMUN, it is with great honour that I am representing the organisation this year as its president. I am looking forward to promoting its values and to work towards its development.