USG for Committee Management

Hi! I’m Shruti, and I am one of this year’s USGs for Committee Management. I am originally from Mumbai, India and am currently studying law at the University of Edinburgh. I have been involved in Model United Nations as a delegate and chair in conferences across Europe, Africa and the Middle East since 2009. I firmly believe that MUN provides vibrant international forums for debate that are immensely valuable and rewarding because they instil confidence in public speaking, improve social interactions, and most importantly, promote global awareness. GIMUN embodies and exemplifies these international values that are so important in an increasingly globalized world. With the conference taking place in an extremely international city that has been the center for global diplomacy in the last century, participating in GIMUN would be amongst the highlights of any avid MUN delegate’s career. I am delighted to have an active role in determining the conference’s content and delivery, and am certain that the conference will be challenging, inspiring and productive. Looking forward to receiving you all soon at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva!