Federica Stefanelli

USG for Logistics

Hello everyone! My name is Federica. I’m Italian but I have Albanian origins as well. Last year I moved to Geneva to study International Relations. Since I was a kid, I travelled quite often around Europe for learning foreign languages through getting in touch with different cultures. Consequently, I have developed a new perspective towards the world and a deep curiosity for the relations between countries. In fact, what fascinates me the most is how such different countries manage to collaborate in achieving common objectives. Geneva is a propitious place to get to know the international side of diplomacy, thanks to all the NGOs and international organizations based in the surroundings. One year ago, I took part in the World Humanitarian Summit as a member of the staff, but this year I am going to join a bigger challenge: collaborating for the organization of the MUN Annual Conference. I will do my best to respect the MUN’s standards, and wish to be able to leave my mark and contribution to its success. I am looking forward to start this journey that will imprint me with indelible memories.