Eduardo Blasco

USG for Logistics

Eduardo Blasco hails from Valencia, Spain. He is graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and he is a third-year Law student. He has lived abroad in the United States, China, Brazil and currently in Switzerland, where he is pursuing the Certificate in Transnational Law jointly offered by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Geneva. He is passionate about research, as he has been a research assistant to different institutions and scholars focusing mainly on international courts for the last two years. Eduardo has done MUN for over two years now and has loved every second of it. Since his MUN career started, he has participated in more than a dozen of models all over Europe and South America. He is also the president of UNSA Valencia the MUN association in his hometown. Eduardo is really devoted to MUN as it comprises some of the things he enjoys the most – traveling, getting to meet new people and of course discussing international politics. As a good Spaniard, he highly enjoys socials, so you will most likely meet him there during the conference. Eduardo looks forward to GIMUN 2018 and he is positive it will be an amazing experience for everyone.