USG for Committee Management

Dominique is a final-year law student in the Faculty of Law of the Universitas Indonesia. She is majoring in Public International law and has been involved in various conferences since high-school, mostly MUNs, as a member of the Secretariat, as a delegate and as a chair. Through her participation in those conferences, human rights and minority issues have grabbed her attention and encouraged her to do social works and research projects.

She is currently a Deputy-Director for Education and Research in Sandya Institute, a notable Non-Governmental Organization focusing on minority issues and human rights after previously served as a Fellow Researcher on refugee law, working together with UN High Commissioner on Refugees and other NGOs. Other than drowning myself into these serious works during my university life, she is also an avid reader, singer, photographer, writer, and traveller. She also describes herself as a typical Indonesian, friendly and open –  so there will be no reason for you to be hesitant to have discussions with her! Dominique is looking forward to meeting you all in GIMUN 2019!