Public Relations Director


I was born and grew up in Asturias, Spain. With Spanish as mother tongue, I had a passion for foreign languages from an early age and, therefore, I decided to focus my studies and future career in this specific field. This is the reason why I started my bachelor in the Faculty of Translation and Interpretating of the University of Geneva, which I am currently complementing with a Master of Arts in Law and Economics specialized translation, with focus on legal translation. Consequently, I had the chance to move to the international city of Geneva, the world’s summit for human rights discussions and development, which gave me the chance to experience this particular policy-making first-hand and made me develop hereof my area of interest. I truly believe that in an increasingly globalized world, which is constantly shaded under the threat of armed conflicts, communication has a significant role. For this purpose, it is the duty of language experts, like translators, to fully understand the international arena, so as to be able to give a voice to the theory and practice satisfactorily.

In this regard, GIMUN gave me the chance to learn about international affairs and build friendship with extraordinary people, and hence, I am very glad and proud to be the new Public Relations Director.