Célia Pellet

USG for Committee Management

My name is Célia, I am 21 and I was born in Grenoble, France, which is also where I did my undergrad in International Relations and politics. I will be moving to Geneva in a few weeks to pursue a master in Development studies at the Graduate institute.

At the very beginning of High School, I discovered MUN and it instantly became a passion. It has been taking me to everywhere all over the world through the people that I have met and it has taught me so much about the world in which I live, and also the one in which I want to be living tomorrow.

Fortunately, MUN does not stop after school, I was able to take part in my university’s MUN society as its president and to keep chairing and organizing conferences, my favorite job!

For me, a conference is the short but intense gathering of inspired and inspiring people. The skills developed and the knowledge impaired makes us grow into better human beings.
MUNs give me hope in my generation and in our future as a united world.

It will be my pleasure to be a USG for Committee Management along with my fantastic teammates and I cannot wait to welcome you all in Geneva!