Camille de Félice

USG for Press

My name is Camille. I am both Swiss and French and grew up in Geneva where I also study. After a bachelor degree in Philosophy and French literature, I am currently enrolled on my last year of master in Middle Eastern studies at the University of Geneva, This training programme has given me the opportunity to live during almost one year in Turkey, where I have both studied and worked within the framework of an internship. I am passionate about travels and discovering new realities, places, cultures, and of course meeting people. One of my main aims has always been to try to understand other way of living and of being in the world and, based on these elements, to develop a broader reflection about the importance of dialogue and coexistence. These numerous factors have motivated me both in my studies and in my Gimun experiences. I had the opportunity to take part three times to the conference and every occasion was unique and rewarding. After the positions of delegate and journalist, I wished to join the conference with the conviction that this year, participating as member of the USG for Press and Media would make me able to discover a new aspect of the Gimun adventure as well as to share with others what I had learned from my previous experiences. I am really looking forward to working with Gimun and to promoting its values beforehand and during the AC.