USG for Cultural Events

Asmita was born 1996 in India, Delhi but adopted when she was 10 months old. She was raised in a little village on the Swiss countryside near Basel and lived there all her life with her parents and two brothers and more cows around her than people until love and university duties drew her to Geneva when she was 20.

Her two passions are and have always been music (playing the piano and singing) and languages.

So why did she choose Geneva?  Well, it is one of the most authentic places worldwide to study International Relations. After graduating from High School, she went discovering her roots in India where she met so many incredible people. One of them was already a French student at the University of Geneva in International Relations, so that is what she perceived as her final call to actually go down that path. She is a person that believes a lot in such kind of signs and unconscious calls, as she is a sucker for permanent decisions. Geneva is a THE melting pot of Switzerland. She loves meeting people from abroad and is passionate for speaking different languages. That is also why she wanted to be part of the MUN-Community, it is the perfect opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world.