USG for Human Resources

My name is Réka Varga, I am originally from Hungary, and I have the great honor to serve as one of the Under-Secretaries General for Human Resources at the upcoming GIMUN Annual Conference. Having graduated from a Master’s in International Law at Sorbonne University a year ago, I am currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Criminology at the Catholic University of Leuven. My field of study includes a wide range of different disciplines, reaching from criminal justice through clinical and criminal psychology to social and historical sciences. I have discovered MUN in high school, and have been involved with this world ever since, as a delegate, staff member, or chair – among others at previous GIMUN conferences – but also as an associate with United Ambassadors and a member of the Secretariat at the first MUN4UN Youth Assembly this summer. As it is my first time as a USG, I am especially excited and look forward to this new challenge and an amazing Annual Conference!