Secretary General

After 19 years spent under the scorching sun of Southern Italy, Alessandra finally decided to start a new life and academic path beyond the Alps. Fortune brought her to Geneva, where she nurtured her passion for foreign languages and where she discovered a keen interest in international affairs. She is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in Translation and Specialised Multilingual Communication at the University of Geneva. In her free time, she serves as the Vice-President of the AETI (Association des Étudiants en Traduction et Interprétation) and as Secretary-General of GIMUN. Since 2015, GIMUN has been a constant in her life. For the past few years, she has participated in the Annual Conference, twice as a delegate and once as Vice-President of the Human Rights Council. This year, she is back for her fourth Annual Conference as an orchestra conductor, alongside Pauline. Alessandra is an unstoppable blabbermouth, a frequent armchair traveller, and an aspiring polyglot.