Since I was a kid, I have always been surrounded by an international atmosphere whether I was at home or at my international school, where I studied both of my mother tongues: French and Italian. I was surrounded by friends from all over the world: Germany, UK, Netherlands… I lived a couple of years in Rome but I grew up in Geneva, a captivating city full of International Organisations, NGOs, and people with different backgrounds and cultures. I developed a vast interest for geopolitics and international relations when I was in high school, during my first MUN conference. After a few conferences, I decided to study International Relations in Geneva, probably the best city to do so. MUN conferences have always been a fantastic experience for me and motivated me to be involved in GIMUN as soon as I stepped into university. After participating in most of the GIMUN projects and co-organising the 2016 Study Trip, I decided that I wanted to become part of the GIMUN Executive Board as it’s Vice-President. I will now do my best to allow other students to enjoy the GIMUN project as much as I did. I believe that GIMUN and the MUN world are some of the most enriching and enlightening experiences a student can have.