• Yannick Bargfeldt

    By on November 29, 2017

    My name is Yannick Bargfeldt and I am happy and honoured to welcome you to GIMUN 2018 as one...

  • Cécile MOLINIER, International Consultant, Former Senior Official at the United Nations

    By on October 21, 2017

    Cécile Molinier joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1992 from the UN Secretariat where she had held...

  • Renata Nogueira

    By on October 21, 2017

    She is since two years Co-responsible of the Medicine program at the Technology department of Antenna Foundation. The Antenna...

  • Gesche Karrenbrock

    By on October 21, 2017

    Gesche Karrenbrock is a legal expert with two state exams in Law (Germany) and Comparative Law (France). She also...

  • Dr. Edmée Ollagnier

    By on October 21, 2017

    Dr. Edmée Ollaigner, former teacher at the FAPSE  Formerly teaching at the FAPSE, Edmée Ollaigner has been for several years Responsible of Education and Research (MER,...

  • Emma Beelen

    By on October 16, 2017

    I am originally from Germany and currently in my third year of International Relations at the University of Geneva....

  • Pauline Legrand

    By on October 16, 2017

    Hello there GIMUNers! Welcome to GIMUN 2018! My name is Pauline, I’m 20 years old and I come from...

  • Flavio Baroffio

    By on October 15, 2017

    I was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. For my studies I moved to Geneva where I am currently...

  • Iman Sarteur

    By on October 15, 2017

    Biography to come

  • Cristina Valdés

    By on October 16, 2017

    Hello! I was born and grew up in Asturias, Spain. With Spanish as mother tongue, I had a passion...