Permanent Delegation

Permanent Delegation

The Permanent Delegation is a possibility for already experienced MUNers to get to experience MUNs with GIMUN in MUNing with GIMUN outside of the Annual Conference. The Permanent Delegation is open to everyone that has already participated in MUN Conferences and/or our MUN Delegation.

The goal is to give experienced MUNers the possibility to prepare themselves for MUNs and to participate in Conferences as a part of a delegation from Geneva. It gives the participants the opportunity to find other students with similar interests, both in Geneva and abroad.

The Permanent Delegation is based on voluntary participation – Each delegate has the ability to choose which conferences they want to participate in. It is possible for each member to take responsibility within the delegation and to organise the participation to a conference.

The Head Delegates will be the link between the Permanent Delegation and the Executive Board of GIMUN. The Executive Board can assist the Permanent Delegation by organising rooms to meet and eventual financial means.

The Permanent Delegation is open to all Geneva based university students over the age of 18. The applications are open during the entire year. To participate, please send a motivational letter as well as a MUN CV to

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