Study trip 2018


Theme: A decade of independence, the need of a border demarcation with Montenegro and the desire to join the EU.

When: 14th July – 24th July 2018
Where: Kosovo and Montenegro
How much: 350 CHF (airplane fare excluded)



After a decade of the declaration of its independency from Serbia, Kosovo a small, landlocked country with limited natural resources has always had on the top of it’s priorities to become part of the EU. Moreover, in it’s declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo expressed its wish “to become fully integrated to into the Euro-Atlantic family democracies” and  that they had the  “intention to take all steps necessary to facilitate full membership in the EU”. Kosovo still not be recognized by many countries and most importantly by 5 of the EU members. A full membership to the EU would demand that Kosovo includes a new border demarcation with Montenegro and that it normalizes an agreement with Serbia. It feels like Kosovo has to change his self-image from other countries part of the EU to be considered to be part of the union.
What is the future of this small country?; what would change if the EU accepts Kosovo to be part of te union? How possible is to get an agreement with Serbia? How is Kosovo working to change his self-image from other countries part of the EU?
Our study trip will begin on the 14th of July at the wonderful beach of Tivat in Montenegro, passing by Podgorica the capital of Montenegro and crossing the border between Kosovo and Montenegro to  clearly understand how important is for Kosovo to define it’s borders with Montenegro. This trip will continue in Prizen and be finished in Pristina the marvelous capital of Kosovo on the 24 of July.

How to apply

Please send your CV (1 page max.) to and answer to the following questions in English:

1) What do you expect to be the learning outcome of this trip? (1 short paragraph)

2) What was the most important factor for you in wanting to do this trip with GIMUN? (1 short paragraph)

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