Under-Secretery General Recruitment

The staff positions for the GIMUN Annual Conference 2018 are now open!

Do you wish to get involved with a UN-accredited NGO?

Would you like to organize and manage a team?

Do you feel you could contribute to the success of an international conference?

If yes, you are welcome to join us!

The nineteenth GIMUN Annual Conference will take place in spring 2018 (most likely in March although exact week is still to be defined) at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. In order for this event to be a success, we are recruiting talented volunteers willing to be involved in the organization of the key event of the UN student world.

Interested? Make a note of the various tasks we need you to commit to and think about what you can bring to the table, then send your CV and a motivation letter (maximum one page) to sg@gimun.org. The application deadline is August 20th, 2017 (23:59 CEST).

You can apply for a maximum of two positions at the same time. If you wish to apply for two positions, please send us a separate motivation letter for each position and indicate which position is your first choice.

PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible to apply, you must be a student (please see the statutes of the NGO). Moreover, all positions within the NGO are unpaid.



You’re creative and interested in journalistic work? You’re looking for an opportunity to use these skills in a professional environment? You’re good at communication and team leadership? The position of Under-Secretary-General for Press and Media might be just right for you!


POST DESCRIPTION: The Under-Secretaries-General for Press and Media (USGPM) are in charge of issuing a daily newspaper as well as a podcast during the Annual Conference. Prior to the event, they recruit a team of journalists, photographers and graphic designers and design a new concept for the name and layout of the newspaper.  During the Annual Conference, the USGPMs supervise the team of journalists, proofread and format articles, write editorials, send newspapers in print and fetch them the next day on their way to the United Nations. USGPMs also manage and update GIMUN social media accounts during the week, such as our Twitter and Snapchat accounts.

For all those who want to strengthen their organisation and journalism skills, this unique experience is a great opportunity to manage a team of journalists in a semi-professional framework.

This position requires interest in journalism and social media. Evidence of solid writing skills will be requested. Technical and cinematographic knowledge are not mandatory, but experience in this field shall be valued. Candidates should be bilingual (English and French) or have a very good command of at least one of the two languages. It would be an advantage to have at least one USGPM living in Geneva to facilitate coordination.

DURATION: August 2017-March 2018



Event management is your thing and you’re constantly coming up with new ideas for fun and creative activities? You’re motivated to contribute to an international MUN conference by organising prestigious and innovative social and cultural events? Then apply to become our Under-Secretary-General for Cultural Events!


POST DESCRIPTION: The Under-Secretaries-General for Cultural Events (USGCE) are responsible for organizing the post-debates evening events and other cultural activities during the Annual Conference. These events are crucial to providing networking opportunities and of course a lot of fun for the 300 participants of GIMUN! All of our cultural events focus on getting to know other participants in a relaxed setting, on learning about Geneva and on making the conference a memorable experience. In recent years, our diverse events have included a tour of Geneva, a pub night, a costume night, and of course our prestigious gala night. The USGCE’s task will include developing ideas and concepts for these and/or new events, finding venues and choosing themes, and managing the events themselves.

Being USGCE requires an open and creative mind and represents an excellent opportunity to have a first experience in large event management. To facilitate coordination, candidates must live in Geneva for the duration of this position to be eligible for the position.

DURATION: August 2017-March 2018



You’re organised and efficient? Coordination and leadership are your main strengths?  You’re motivated to gain insights into the organisation behind the scenes of an international MUN? Then this position is just right for you!


POST DESCRIPTION: The Under-Secretaries-General for Logistics (USGL) are responsible for providing the most optimal logistical support to our 300 participants. Their position includes tasks as diverse as making reservations for accommodation around Geneva, organising meals, and coordination with the UN Offices in Geneva, where the conference will be held, and helping participants to find their way in the city. Moreover, they are responsible for choosing and managing merchandise and printing diverse documents. Finally, the USGL will assist the Under-Secretaries-General for Cultural Events when organizing the various events and activities.

Being USGL requires very strong coordination and organization skills and represents a magnificent opportunity to make use of them in an international environment. To facilitate coordination, candidates must live in Geneva to be eligible for this position.

DURATION: August 2017-March 2018



You have translation experience and would like to contribute to our bilingual environment? You’re communicative and capable of leading a team? You’re interested in the United Nations as a work environment and would like to gain insights into the organisation of an international MUN conference? Then apply as Under-Secretary-General for Translation!


POST DESCRIPTION: The Under-Secretary-General for Translation (USGT) is in charge of recruiting and managing the team of translators, a task which is vital and challenging in a bilingual environment such as GIMUN. All documents produced before and during the conference need to be translated from English to French or vice-versa, such as study guides, procedural documents and draft resolutions. Thus, this is a fantastic opportunity for young translators to work in a professional environment and gain very valuable insight into the UN system, all while contributing to GIMUN’s outstanding bilingualism.

Experienced and motivated candidates only will be considered and evidence will be requested. Good communication and leadership skills are essential assets for this position, as constant communication within the team, with the SGs and the interpretation team is necessary.

DURATION: August 2017-March 2018