How To Support

Why should you finance GIMUN?

GIMUN is a non-profit association by Swiss-law, and is run and managed entirely by university students. Over the past decade, the organization evolved from a mere five day Model United Nations conference to a student-run Non-Governmental Organisation in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. We organise a wide range of activities throughout the year; comprising of seminars, panel discussions, simulations of UN bodies and international study trips.

In this International Year of Youth, we have added to our list of numerous educative events, a program entitled Youth Prospectives: a three day gathering in Geneva of young people that will focus on an agenda of topics that matters to the youth around the globe and whose conclusions will be submitted to high level International agencies for further consideration. Moreover, we have also launched the first and unique MUN society at University of Geneva, a semester-long weekly workshop that introduces students to and trains them for various Model United Nations conferences.

Now all these activities though already time-consuming to all of our dedicated staff (entirely university-students made) working on a volunteering basis, require support either financially or logistically. Thus, we strongly encourage you to support our association to help forge skills and aptitudes of the next generation of leaders.


How can you finance GIMUN?

GIMUN is grateful to charitable foundations across Switzerland and around the World for their kind donations. We also encourage individuals to contribute for our cause in order for us to sustain our already lasting broad-range of activities. As a Non-Governmental Organisation, we also accept aid from government agencies and sponsoring from Businesses. This aid can be of any form from liquid money to material that you deem necessary for our use to attain our goals.

If you consider to sponsor our association, please contact the finance and fundraising department at or address a letter to:

Finance and Fundraising Division,
The Geneva International Model United Nations,
C/o IHEID, 132 Rue de Lausanne, 1202 Geneva Switzerland.


What we give in exchange to your support:

GIMUN is not only interested in your contribution, we rather seek a lasting partnership based on mutual interest. As a result, we express our deepest gratitude to all our partners, donors and sponsors without whom we would not have been as active for more than a decade now.

  • To all our supporters, we can invite you to our supporters’ event held once a year where we give you a feedback on the way we have used the resources you have graciously placed within our reach as we recognise being accountable to you. It is also a special occasion for both parties to have a face to face contact and hear from you on how we can improve our actions with the means placed on our hands. The next supporters’ event will be held at the beginning of 2011. We look forward to meeting you there.
  • We also include in our website the names and logos (with a link directing to your website) of your institution. Furthermore, we are able to offer you publicity and due acknowledgement on all publications, brochures, and annual reports that are circulated amongst participants, other sponsors, notable authorities at the UN, as well as the Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs; publicity is also prevalent during our social events programme of the Annual Conference as we promote and advertise your institution to our participants.