Study Trip 2015

GIMUN’s Study Trip 2015



At a glance

Theme: Separatism in a Globalized World
When: 23rd June – 2nd July 2015
Where: Scotland



As the world is becoming more and more globalized, in both political and economic terms, nationalism and separatism are still on the headlines. Separatism seeks for the state’s independence and for the right to self-determination, which is present in the United Nations Charter. Which are the causes and consequences of this worldwide movement?

We chose Scotland as a destination of our Study Trip 2015 to have a look at the typical Scottish nationalism and its pro and against independence campaign. After this initial local analysis we explored the link between this political situation and different separatist movements like Crimea, Catalonia, California, Flanders among others through workshops and meetings with European Union representatives and United Nations officials.

GIMUN 2015 Study Trip lasted for 9 days. It included the visit of Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye. In Glasgow we focused on Scotland itself. Then, in Edinburgh, we attended workshops and international meetings to extend the theme worldwide. In both cities, we had access to the facilities of the local universities and we also had time to visit and discover the Scottish culture. Besides that, a had a great weekend break at the Isle of Skye!