Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Description and tasks

Founded in 2008 by the GIMUN association, the Advisory Board (AB) was created to keep experience within the association and to ensure a certain continuity over the years. It is composed of former Board members and members of the association who have made significant contributions to GIMUN’s work. Elected by the General Assembly, the AB does not have decisional power, but advisory capacity. See article 15 GIMUN Statutes.

The role of the AB is to enhance the association’s long term and strategic planning, as well as to provide support to the association. The Advisory Board stands at the disposal of the Board to assist on individual matters whenever the Board believes it could benefit from the Advisory Board’s advice. Because the intrasec quality of GIMUN as a student and volunteer organisation entails a high turnover rate which can lead to loss of crucial knowledge, the Advisory Board has a particularly important role to play during the handover and transition phase from one Board to the next. By ensuring the gathering of experience and knowledge over the years, the continuity which the AB offers enables it to offer advice to the association on long-term objectives.

The AB is currently composed of the members below :

  • Ghada Bensaid
  • Simon Bianchi
  • Charles Bonfils-Duclos
  • Sandrine Chabbey
  • Francesca Dal Poggetto
  • Camille Fenter
  • Aida Fernandez
  • Matteo Fetz
  • Kanzy Kassem
  • Patrice Le
  • Anouk Peytremann
  • Guillaume Zwygart