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Annual Conference

  • My MUN Team and I would like to come to the Annual Conference as a delegation. How should we apply?
    You are welcome to apply as a delegation if you are 6 or more delegates. If you are accompanied by a head delegate, please just fill out the relevant part of the application form. If you are accompanied by a faculty advisor, please refer to the application section for more information.
  • I am in high school and would like to apply for the Annual Conference. What should I do?
    Unfortunately not. To be eligible for a position at the GIMUN Annual Conference you have to be at least 18 years old and be enrolled in a undergraduate or postgraduate program at an university.


  • I don’t speak French; can I still participate in GIMUN events?
    Of course! GIMUN is a bilingual MUN, so you may speak in English or in French. Moreover, during the Annual Conference, interpreters will be translating the discussions simultaneously.
  • I want to participate in one of GIMUN’s events, but I am coming from abroad. Where can I stay?
    Accommodation is not provided by GIMUN, and it is the responsibility of each participant to find an accommodation during the conference. However, our staff will ensure that all participants receive help in your search for a place to stay, if required. You will find more information on this page: http://gimun.org/accommodation.
  • Can I do an internship at GIMUN?
    No; however, you can gain valuable experience by taking part in GIMUN’s events, the MUN society, as well as taking on a more responsible role within the organisation.
  • How can I be in charge of GIMUN?
    The Executive Board is re-elected at the end of May, and you can apply for the various positions.
  • Who is in charge of GIMUN?
    The Executive Board and the General Assembly is in charge of GIMUN. To see how GIMUN is structured, please click on the following link
  • I do not live in Geneva, is it still possible for me to get involved in GIMUN?
    Of course, however, you cannot take on a responsible position (such as being on the Executive Board and so forth) because regular presence is required in these roles. Nevertheless, you may take part in all our events (including Youth Perspectives, UN Day, the Annual Conference) and join our MUN society.


  • How do I become a member?
    Simply send an email to president@gimun.org stating that you would like to become a member.
  • I would like to get involved with GIMUN. Where do I start?
    There are many ways to get involved with GIMUN. Firstly, you can participate in our events, such as Youth Perspectives, UN Day, or the Annual Conference, where you can take on diverse and varied roles. Joining the MUN society is another good way to get involved with GIMUN and participate in stimulating debates on international affairs. Moreover, you can attend conferences in the Palais des Nations thanks to GIMUN’s UN accreditation, which you can then write about for our journal UNO You Know? Furthermore, you can take part in our annual study trip abroad. And of course, last but not least, you can apply for any vacant role in GIMUN’s organisation.