Accommodation is not provided by GIMUN; however, our staff will ensure that all participants receive help, if required.

It is the responsibility of each participant to find an accommodation during the conference. However, we will assist you in your search for a place to stay.

We recommend you to book well in advance since Geneva is known for its accommodation scarcity.

If you need help from our team or if you wish to participate in our housing programme and be hosted by a participant from Geneva, please contact as early as possible.

Selected list of accommodations (without any special discount) in Geneva:

Accommodation options a bit further from the Palais des Nations (25-30 minutes by tram or bus):

For a complete list of hotels in Geneva click here.

More Youth accommodation in Geneva:

·       International housing network:

·       Ebookers:

·       Bed and Breakfast. Com:

·       Share Home:

·       Booking:

Hotels in Annemasse (in France), 45-55 min by bus from the Palais des Nations:

More accommodation options in Annemasse (France):

·       Booking:

Alternative options

For more information, please contact: