Discover GIMUN’s Blog

Discover GIMUN’s Blog

UNO, You Know?  is an online platform that allows students who have an interest in writing to express themselves on international matters as journalists. Via GIMUN, the journalists of the blog have the occasion to take part in international conferences in Geneva and abroad with the aim of writing articles and doing interviews.  The main purpose of the blog is to create a link between the youth and the international world, by giving students the opportunity to express themselves and share their opinion on international burning issues through their articles. In the perspective “From Youth to Youth”, the blog also meets the need to create an accessible platform for young people, where information on the international world is easy to find and understand. Finally, it allows gathering all relevant information about the United Nations and the international community, and therefore perfectly fits GIMUN’s mandate: promoting the values of the United Nations among young people and bring them closer to international affairs.

English version of the blog : click here !

French version of the blog : click here !

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